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My wedding cake


I offer a personal approach to get to know you, and understand what you want your dream cake to look like and represent.  I cater for any type of  event from a wedding to a birthday, anniversary, graduation, celebration, baby shower and more. 




Every cake I make is priced individually according to the amount of work and time involved in the design.


To give an idea on cost below is a starting from price guide for wedding cakes. All detailing elements are priced up and added to this base cost.


Please contact me for a more detailed quote.





  • Prices are for standard round cake sizes (around 4" - 5" tall) Taller cakes around 7", square cakes and other single cake sizes also available

  • Prices include set up of your wedding cake at the venue

Celebration/sculpted cakes


My minimum order for celebration cakes is £55, sculped cakes can be considerably more due to the time and research that goes into them.




Cupcakes with a swirl of buttercream are sold in multiples of 6 and start from £15.

More complex designs will be priced individually at the time of enquiry




Cakesicles start from £2.50 each with a minimum order of 5. Added decorations will be priced accordingly. These can also be posted out to you or the recipient as a letterbox gift.




Delivery is free for wedding cakes with in a 5mile radius. After this delivery will be calculate at 60p per mile round trip.


Currently celebration cakes are collection only, if you are unable to collect, please let me know as I may be able to arrange delivery for you.

Wedding cakes
      Size                            Servings         Naked        Buttercream     Fondant
Single Tier 7"                      30                £125               £145                £170
Two Tier 4"/6"                    26                £185               £215                £250
Two Tier 5"/7"                    45                 £215               £245               £280
Two Tier 6"/8"                    60                £245              £275               £310
Three Tier 4"/6"/8"           66                 £285              £325               £370
Three Tier 5"/7"/9"            95                £325               £365               £410
Three Tier 6"/8"/10"          120              £365               £405              £455
Four Tier 4"/6"/8"/10"      126               £415               £465               £520
Four Tier 5"/7"/9"/11"        165               £465              £515                £570
Four Tier 6"/8"/10"/12"     200             £515               £565               £620


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