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Emma is a baking whiz who loves a cake-making challenge. Whether you want a rustic naked wedding cake covered in beautiful edible flowers or a unique sculpted way-out character cake, she will create it for you. 


Emma has been baking since she was a tiny tot, balancing precariously on a chair in the kitchen, helping her Nan. Their favourite pastime was baking delicious Victoria sponge cakes together. Well, not always delicious ... one day they accidentally used salt instead of sugar, doubled up laughing seeing each other’s faces after tasting, and ended up feeding the cakes to the birds. 



During school, she would skip class and rush off to bake cakes for her best friend’s birthdays. The friend was a true client in-the-making, testing Emma’s skills with different recipes and flavours. Her grades may have suffered but her love for cake baking hit top marks. 



After school, Emma formalised her cake baking passion by taking  decorating courses and continued to bake while working towards a degree in Arts for Theatre and Film. Not an easy feat, but a scrumptious cupcake with tea always helps late-night studying. After completing her studies she worked for a cake decorating company where she designed cakes and tutored cake decorating classes. 



Today, she is a proud cake-baking work-from-home Mum, learning the true art of multitasking with Baby on one arm, and a whisk in the other. Her son is definitely a future mini-baker! After dipping his little fingers into the bowl, Emma is rated either by a gurgle of delight or a scream of horror if it is not up to his taste standards. 



Her quirky and fun creations are attracting attention. She won a Bronze Award at the Cake International 2019, for a unique ‘Llama coming back from a party with a drunk frog on his back’ cake. Emma also took the award for Best Cake/Design at the Big London Bake. 



A Magical Slice is based in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, UK. Emma specialises in celebration cakes, cupcakes and cakesicles. Wedding cakes are her passion, with a twist towards BoHo, Rustic, or something out of the ordinary. She loves designing and making unique sculpted character cakes that thrill the eye with magical detail, amazing colours and charismatic personality. 



Concern for animal welfare and the environment are high priorities. She only uses organic Free Range eggs, Dairy and Palm oil free where possible, and is gradually expanding her Vegan cake range.



Emma has a great sense of humour and is ready to deal with any unexpected challenge. After baking a batch of cupcakes and discovering that her engagement ring was missing, she diligently searched the house to no avail. Emma and her brother then proceeded to take apart 24 cupcakes, looking for hidden treasure. The ring was later found in the bathroom, and another batch of cupcakes had to be baked again with some measure of urgency.



Do you want a creation that is elegant, refined, traditional, fun, quirky, crazy, or way-out? Are you planning  a grand wedding, a love-struck engagement, an I-am-not-old 80th birthday or a cute baby shower? Emma will chat with you in person, by phone, email or social media. Bring along your ideas, imagination or images. She will design, bake, decorate and flavour your bespoke dream cake with the most scrumptious fillings that will enchant your guests! 








Lauras wedding cake me and Jericho
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